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Menu Boards I did for the Old School Sandwich Company in Allentown, PA.Design submitted for the Trek tee competition at  Go vote for me, please!Never Forget Tasha Yar.  Another Tee for the Trek Tee design competition at  Please go vote for me!Always Sunny Pale Ale

Label and case designBlueberry Belch

Label and case designKnuckleball

Label and 6-pack carrier designHop Explosion

Label, 6-park carrier, and case designFegley's Devious

I didn't design the label itself, but the 6-pack and case designs were my own creationA billboard for Burrito WorksA billboard for Brew Works on the GreenOne side of a beer distribution truck

The labels being advertised are not mine, but the compilation illustration is my design.The other side of a beer distribution truck

I am responsible for the Always sunny, but not the Hopsolutely. However, I did engineer the compilation.Graphic for the back of the Brew Works Box TruckSteel Gaardin Wit Label for production
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