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A 32 Page animal coloring book I did for Crayola.  Just released all over Europe!A 32 Page Activity Sticker book I did for Crayola. Just released all over Europe!Mogwai Not for Sale

Acrylic on Board - done for an 80's Horror Gallery ShowA minimalistic look at the crew of the Enterprise from Star Trek:The Next Generation. Submitted to for their star trek tee competition. Please go vote for me!Wesley Crusher sucks...and for that, we love him.  I submitted this design to for their trek tee design competition too.  Go there and vote for me!Samus Aran from Metroid. It isn't until the end of the game you realize you've been playing as a girl in a suit the whole time. Done for a retro video game art show at the Alternative Gallery in Allentown, PA.  A great show!I imagine potentially blowing his own head off was a big problem for infant Mega Man. Awww...Amber Lager

My salute to the steel workers of the early 1900's.American Robothic
My parody of everyone's favorite classic, "American Gothic."Muppet Science Innovators

A mash-up of muppets and Portal.Pinup girls love Robots.  Who doesn't?A live-art piece I did at the Allentown Blues, Brews, and BBQ Festival.  Took 5 hours.An Adaptation of a Statue in Center Square in Easton, PA.  This was done for an art show devoted to work inspired by the statue.Hop Explosion label for Brewworks.Knuckleball label for Brewworks.Blueberry Belch labelBeer label done for Bethlehem BrewworksBeer label done for Bethlehem BrewworksBeer label done for Bethlehem BrewworksOn Pickles
Strong vs. Weak.Everyone's favorite spaceman, Gene Roddenberry.The Truth is right behind them. X-files.For an article on the brain being the source of addiction.A modest attempt at the phrase "shoot first, ask questions later"Wine and Cheese Still life.More Aliens coming to invade...Done for a local theater's original play called "The Pan Show!"
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