Got tired of drawing a helicopter for this beer so I went with Full Metal Jacket.CH-47
Sticking with the army theme, this is my salute to Platoon.Balanced Breakfast Stout
Slap, Hackle, and Plop.Devious

Something a little more dynamic this year.Lupin Mass Attack

Named for the Lupin Hops or malt in the beer.  But I am a big fan of Lupin the 3rd, and anime from the 70's, so I drew that instead.After doing the space monkey logo years ago with the cartoony look, I thought it'd be fun to go a more traditional route this year.Nothing says classic old world beer like "Hefeweizen." So I drew a picture of the Neuschwanstein castle in Germany.Again, having done the cartoony beer label and this being the third time I've done this chalkboard, I thought something more groteque and unique would be fun this time around.Angry Berry.

Berry Smash!Steelworker's StoutFegley's ESB - a nod to the stylings of Terry GilliamGoldenaleWarhammer!  My take on Thor.Chain Link PilsnerOktoberfest 2011!A fun new take off of my own bottle design.Steelgaarden WitBelgian Blonde, with love :)Bagpiper's AleDark MatterBrew Berry! Defenestration - the word literally means to throw someone out a window.  Look it up. Went with a 1930's cartoon look.Rude Elf 2011!Cream Ale. Cold Cow. Heh.A Fat Chap. 'nuff said, old bean.This year's Rauchbock. It literally means, "smoke bock."  and bock is another word for goat. I think. I'd like to think so.Black Friday

Pretty obvious what I did there.Carburetor

It's a smoked Doppelbock. So, a mechanical goat. duh.
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